Moving the shop.

Dioramas et figurines moves to a new region.
I will be an Aindinois.
Please do not place any more orders until further notice, probably at least by the beginning of August 2022.
See you soon.
Franck Padritge.


Palaeolithic Venus carved from photos. Concerns Lespugue, Willendorf and Brassempouy. The archaeologists having detected residues of coloured pigments on the Willendorf statuette for example, the creative approach of this micro-production is to colour them with natural earth. You have the possibility to contact me to study one or more personalized tint(s). Handcrafted creations, Marble powder, natural pigments, wax. Brass rod. Base (to choose) in stained wood and polyurethane varnish.
Inspired by Brassempouy
Inspired by Brassempouy
The Venus of Brassempouy sculpted from photo and molded in resin.
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