Roman Scorpio-balistta at 1:72


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Castle in MDF of 3mm to assemble (and to paint) Compatible for the game DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) and surely for many other wargames.
Dedicated to small scales from 15mm to 1/72nd.

The 4 Styles to consider when placing your order:

example of Neutral Style with 1 Door
(smaller than an Entrance)

example of Western Style with 1 single wall entrance
(higher than a Door)
example of Oriental Style with 1 Entrance in double wall

example of Ishtar Style with 1 Entry
The ramparts of the Neutral Style
do not have machicolations
The ramparts of other styles
have machicolations
The merlons of the Oriental Style
are oblong and the parapets decorated
The Ishtar style is based on the decoration
of the famous Babylonian gate.

This style is only applied to the front of a castle
and the sides of its entrance towers.